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The 78 Tarot cards

The Tarot is a very accessible tool that can be used for divination, reflection and personal development. Depending on what you want to use it for, it is possible learn things from it in just a few minutes. But to do this it is essential to know the meaning of the cards.

This guide offers an overview of the 78 cards of the Tarot and allows you to explore their individual characteristics: their positive and negative attributes, their symbolism, how they are interpreted in a draw and, for those who wish to travel a little deeper, 7Tarot is the first to offer a unique interpretation of the 3003 possible associations of the Tarot.

A complete interpretation of the 78 Tarot cards

  • The Magician
  • The High Priestess
  • The Empress
  • The Emperor
  • The Hierophant
  • The Lovers
  • The Chariot
  • Strength
  • The Hermit
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Justice
  • The Hanged Man
  • Death
  • Temperance
  • The Devil
  • The Tower
  • The Star
  • The Moon
  • The Sun
  • The Judgment
  • The World
  • The Fool
  • Ace of Wands
  • Two of Wands
  • Three of Wands
  • Four of Wands
  • Five of Wands
  • Six of Wands
  • Seven of Wands
  • Eight of Wands
  • Nine of Wands
  • Ten of Wands
  • Page of Wands
  • Knight of Wands
  • Queen of Wands
  • King of Wands
  • Ace of Cups
  • Two of Cups
  • Three of Cups
  • Four of Cups
  • Five of Cups
  • Six of Cups
  • Seven of Cups
  • Eight of Cups
  • Nine of Cups
  • Ten of Cups
  • Page of Cups
  • Knight of Cups
  • Queen of Cups
  • King of Cups
  • Ace of pentacles
  • Two of pentacles
  • Three of pentacles
  • Four of pentacles
  • Five of pentacles
  • Six of pentacles
  • Seven of pentacles
  • Eight of pentacles
  • Nine of pentacles
  • Ten of pentacles
  • Page of pentacles
  • Knight of pentacles
  • Queen of pentacles
  • King of pentacles
  • Ace of swords
  • Two of swords
  • Three of swords
  • Four of swords
  • Five of swords
  • Six of swords
  • Seven of swords
  • Eight of swords
  • Nine of swords
  • Ten of swords
  • Page of swords
  • Knight of swords
  • Queen of swords
  • King of swords

Would you like to make a draw of the Tarot cards?

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