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Queen of Swords tarot card meaning


    independence, speech, intelligence, method, rationality,


    coldness, scheming, hypocrisy, resentment, jealousy,

As is the case for all the Tarot court cards, the Queen of Swords represents an archetype which may relate to the seeker or to someone close to them. Associated with the element of air, the Queen of Swords takes the form of a blonde, middle-aged woman, wearing a golden crown and sitting on a throne framed by two columns.

In her right hand she holds a large sword, and her independent and determined gaze is directed at it. This weapon, of course, is powerfully symbolic. It represents the alliance of the active and passive principles of human life, it is the symbol of action coming from speech, it is a clear sign of setting in motion. But, as everyone knows, the sword is double-edged. The Queen's action can be destructive as well as constructive. The position of the sword, which is not totally upright, means that her decisions can sometimes be just and sometimes unjust. In life, everything is a question of your reference point.

Tarot amateurs have an ambivalent relationship with the Queen of Swords, some appreciating its ability to communicate and its rationality, others dreading its divisive nature. As always, everything will depend on the other arcana present in the draw, each person's situation being different.

Intelligence is nothing without altruism.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Queen of Swords teaches you the virtues of reflection and analysis. What's at stake in any situation is sometimes hard to understand properly and it's always good to take your time before committing yourself definitively. Learn to take more notice of your intellect and detach yourself a bit from your emotions if you don't want to find yourself falling for appearances!

  • long-term

    In the long run, the austere behavior of the Queen of Swords inevitably promotes isolation. Although being able to take some distance when faced with problems is essential to your growth, keep in mind that the quality of your social life is also essential to your happiness.

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    Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

    Queen of Swords upright

    When drawn upright, the Queen of Swords is usually associated with the world of intelligence and reflection. Her very incisive mind allows her to quickly understand what is at stake in any situation. She then takes the measures necessary to solve the problem, using her own, very particular, methodical approach. This impressive ability of discernment will be of great help in her quest for social or professional success.

    The Queen of Swords is not well known for her qualities of empathy or sensitivity. With this card it is cold intelligence that is important. Unfortunately, this character trait is not ideal for building lasting relationships, so the people around her are often disconcerted by her aura.

    However, let's not paint too dark a picture of this character. On the other hand, the people around her will find she is a valuable ally when it comes to getting out of a mess or solving a particularly complex situation. What's the best way to take advantage of her extraordinary analytical intelligence? Present things in the most detached way possible, without hiding any details!

    Queen of Swords reversed

    In order to get a better understanding of the influence that the reversed Queen of the Swords is likely to have on the seeker's life, let's turn to the Queen of the Cups, her most obvious antagonist. While the action of the first always comes from reason and analysis, the other is above all governed by the power of emotion.

    When she appears upside down, the Queen of Swords often tells the seeker that when they are facing a difficult situation they don't use their intellect enough, preferring to rely on their instincts and emotions. Emotions, however, are often misleading and it would be much better to show a little more objectivity!

    In other situations, the inverted Queen of Swords can also symbolize a particularly arrogant person, who will not hesitate to speak hurtfully to others if they feel the need. It is, of course, necessary to distance yourself from such a person.

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