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Ace of Cups tarot card meaning


    love, tenderness, empathy, openness, sensitivity,


    containment, blockage, trauma, swelling, instability,

As you have already seen, the suit of Cups is closely connected to the world of emotions and feelings. This is, of course, also the case of the Ace of Cups, a card that is very popular with divinatory tarot followers and which is endowed with a particularly complex symbolism.

More, perhaps, than any other minor non court card, the Ace of Cups card is decorated with a profusion of details. It features a multicolored cup surmounted by a temple. In some versions of the tarot, the floor on which this object is placed is blue, a shade that of course refers to the water element with which the suit of Cups is associated. The oblique stripes suggest matter, or more exactly, the inscription of emotions in the physical world. Feeling is not simply something felt by the spirit since the act of feeling has concrete consequences on the destiny of the consultant.

Note the almost pyramidal base, of which you can see three faces, thanks to which the cup stands on the ground. Each of them represents a precise stage of human existence, namely birth (right), life (center) and death (left). This highlights the idea of a cycle. At the top of the base there is a flower with five petals, which symbolize the 5 human senses that allow humans to live, feel and learn to act in harmony with their inner being. The three balls above the petals refer to the consubstantial components of human beings, namely the body, the soul and the spirit.

At the top of this complex structure, supported by a red sphere symbolizing conscious love, is a vast colonnaded temple. It should be considered as the receptacle of human emotions, the place in which they take shape and bear fruit.

Our emotions don’t get old!


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Ace of Cups often goes hand in hand with the emergence of a constructive relationship, be it friendly or amorous. You have a heart looking for tenderness that is better able than usual to understand the messages transmitted by others. If your instinct is to act, then don't be afraid to commit yourself fully.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Ace of Cups teaches you the virtues of love, tenderness and empathy, three qualities closely linked to your human nature. To take full advantage, you will need to open the taps on your feelings and learn how to live with your emotions.

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    Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Ace of Cups upright

    The influence of the Ace of Cups is generally most conspicuous in the seeker's emotional life. Because it brings some enthusiasm in its wake, it often indicates the emergence of a satisfying friendship or loving relationship, in which affection, empathy and communication will be the watchwords. The arcana sometimes goes hand in hand with the idea of accomplishment. In which case it would encourage couples to achieve common projects, which may, for example, relate to changes like the formalization of the union or even a coveted pregnancy.

    The Ace of Cups teaches you to get closer to your emotions and understand their virtues. Sometimes, too certain of your destiny, you can lock yourself into predefined patterns of living which stop you from objectively evaluating your current situation. So, it will be a question of accepting you need to open your heart and let your hidden emotions out. Getting a better understanding of how your feelings work gives you the opportunity to live more in harmony with your true self and also to better understand what your loved ones are feeling. Emotions are one of the building blocks of our humanity. There is no point in imprisoning them.

    Ace of Cups reversed

    When the Ace of Cups appears upside down in a divinatory tarot draw, it may refer to two different situations. It will, of course, be necessary to analyze the whole draw to really understand what it is teaching.

    In the first case, the inverted Ace of Cups indicates the seeker has a number of psychological blockages which prevent them from getting closer to their hidden desires and acting in harmony with their deepest feelings. Western society often highlights the virtues of decision and consistency. It must be borne in mind, however, that the destiny of a human being is never linear and that a capacity for change is innate in our species. Learning to get closer to your feelings often helps to change the way your life is going, so you are more in harmony with your current desires.

    In the second case, the reversed Ace of Cups refers to poorly controlled emotions. The ability to feel strong emotions is useful for those who wish to develop. However, it is essential to know that it can sometimes be misleading and that it must be well managed if it is to be fruitful. Acting solely according to your emotional impulses is synonymous with chronic instability!

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