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The Magician tarot card meaning


    beginning, resource, enthusiasm, energy, motivation,


    dishonesty, violence, blocking, egoism, awkwardness,

Are you interested in the world of the divination tarot and looking for credible information about it? On this page you'll find all the information you need to get a better understanding of the characteristics of one major arcana, the Magician.

The Magician traditionally takes the form of a young man with a very youthful face, sometimes almost androgynous. He has abundant blond, curly hair, characteristics that represent his thirst for freedom and independence, but also his spiritual qualities. He stands in front of a table, feet square but firmly anchored to the ground. His gaze is to the right, as if he is irrevocably turned towards the future.

The Magician's colorful costume always attracts the eye. As the artist of the family, the Magician desires to seduce. This is the best way for him to spark emotions and make his wildest dreams come true. The many colors of the young man's outfit also reflect a scattered and somewhat wild spirit. To tap into his full potential it will, of course, be necessary to tame him. However, the dominant colors of red and blue signal an appropriate balance between action and the desire for spiritual elevation. Think so you can act could be this arcana's motto.

The Magician is surrounded by a number of objects. Held in his left hand, the wand is a symbol of power, strength and agility. It refers to the suit of Wands. In his right hand, over his center of gravity, the Magician holds a yellow circle, symbolizing the sun. He seems to be enjoying its reflections that evoke his many faceted personality, skilful but also childish and playful. The table in front of him refers, of course, to the tarot table, but also to the Emerald Tablet and a theater stage. All the elements on top of it demonstrate that the Magician now has all the cards he needs to succeed in his plan. And the beginning is imminent, as suggested by the table's 3 feet.

Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Magician heralds a new beginning. Motivated by the idea of building a future that suits you, today you are showing overwhelming enthusiasm. In your romantic relationships and in your professional life, new adventures await you. All you have to do is motivate yourself.

  • long-term

    In the long term, the Magician pushes you to question your primary motivations. Although it is easy, and even quite normal, to fall into a routine, a human life will not be fully lived if it doesn't have concrete objectives. It's up to you to find the ones that suit you best, or to question the ones you have, if necessary!

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    The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

    The Magician upright

    In essence, the Magician is extremely positive when drawn during a clairvoyance consultation or a divination tarot draw. It announces the beginning of a new adventure, the awareness of change in progress. It brings together all the elements necessary for effective and long-lasting action.

    In romantic relationships it represents the imminent arrival of a happy meeting or the strengthening of a union. In the professional field, it represents the promise of career development, the announcement of a major project or the solution to a problem. In a more general way, the Magician can testify to a personal awareness, which will allow the seeker to be more serene about their life, in perfect agreement with the desires and the values they wish to support.

    This arcana often represents building something stable and long lasting. With the Magician there is no reason to let go or make impulsive and unthinking decisions. On the contrary, for those who want to give a deep meaning to their life, it means accepting over the long term those commitments that make sense.

    The Magician reversed

    When reversed the Arcana of the Magician isn't generally well-liked among adepts of the Tarot. This form of draw refers most often to two distinct cases. In the first of them, the card evokes a dishonest way of behaving. Aware of the power they exert over others, the seeker won't hesitate to use the most dubious ploys to achieve their ends. Ruses, deception, lies, bragging, even violence: all the defining qualities of this arcana turn into defects.

    In the second case, the reversed Magician testifies to the doubts that the seeker currently has crossing their mind. Meaning they will then find it really difficult to decide the goals they need to set themselves and how to set them in motion. This forced immobility is a source of anxiety and sadness.

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