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King of Wands tarot card meaning


    authority, vision, passion, honesty, mediation,


    impulsiveness, manipulation, aggression, despotism, betrayal,

As part of the large family of the court cards in the minor arcana, the King of Wands has the characteristics due to his rank and the suit to which he belongs. Unlike the King of Cups, for example, who is presented as a mature man, this king is a vigorous young man, wearing a strange round hat topped with a gold crown.

The young king holds a long stick in his right hand, the tip of which touches the ground, an attribute symbolizing the character's unparalleled creativity and dynamism. Similar to a scepter, this staff is not only an emblem of power, it also reflects the deeply active nature of this card. The King will not hesitate to use it if the need arises. It is not a coincidence that the character is wearing armor. The young king is a warrior at heart. His position suggests that he is ready to engage in a fight if someone dares to challenge him.

Unfortunately, the colors on the King of Wands vary a lot, depending on the version of the Tarot. So, it's difficult to be very precise about their meaning. However, you should note the systematic presence of red, which refers of course to the element of fire attached to the suit of Wands, but also to the vigorous temperament of the character. In the Tarot, red is always correlated to the principle of action. The King of Wands is no exception to the rule!

Competence without authority is as powerless as authority without competence.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the King of Wands encourages you to become aware of your intrinsic qualities and begin to act. Maybe you've been mulling over some ideas in your mind for several weeks now. The time for thinking is over, it is time to take your courage in both hands once and for all and carry out your project!

  • long-term

    In the long run, the young king will be a powerful tool for anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. His extraordinary dynamism will allow you to stay constantly in action and find out things you didn't know before. With him, there's little chance of getting bored.

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    King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    King of Wands upright

    Before going deeper into the analysis, it's important to remember that, like all the minor arcana, the King of Wands is considered as an archetype of human psychology. He may well refer to character traits of the seeker but could just as well be referring to someone who is important in the seeker's life.

    The character is above all characterized by its exceptional dynamism, which usually inspires those who cross its path. The active nature of fire takes on its full value here. The King of Wands hates being inactive and has to move in order to flourish. His life is thus naturally full of objectives, which he always manages to achieve by dint of courage and self-sacrifice.

    Sure of his strength and courage, the young king never becomes afraid when an obstacle arises in his path. He often looks on these pitfalls as revitalizing challenges and will use all his strengths to overcome them.

    From a social point of view, the King of Wands isn't very talkative, but his family and friends appreciate him a lot. As a true leader, he knows how to surround himself with good people, those who can help him with the challenges he is always setting himself. You shouldn't look on this behavior as excessively selfish. The King of Wands loves deeply and enduringly. People come to him spontaneously, attracted by his natural charisma and his communication skills.

    King of Wands reversed

    When he appears upside down, the King of Wands often displays a lot of aggression, resulting mostly from his legendary stubbornness in pursuit of his goals. As his armor suggests, the young king has the soul of a warrior. He does not appreciate someone or something diverting his attention from the goal he is tirelessly pursuing. If he feels stuck or slowed down in his quest, the King of Wands can quickly become angry and subject those around him to violent attacks. Because of this poorly controlled impulsiveness, it is not always good to be around him when the situation is not to his liking.

    His obsessive search also encourages him to sometimes resort to dubious schemes, which some will not hesitate to call dishonest. The reversed King of Wands has no qualms about breaking rules and ignoring moral norms if his behavior will eventually allow him to achieve his dreams.

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