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The Chariot tarot card meaning


    success, determination, stability, action, abnegation,


    dispersion, arrogance, aggression, lack of control, impatience,

The Chariot is arcana VII of the Tarot, a highly symbolic figure since it corresponds to the union of the Emperor (IV) and The Empress (III), but also to that of The Hierophant (V) and of The High Priestess (II), 4 characters whose attributes it shares. The Chariot's card represents a young man, blond and crowned, perched on a chariot drawn by two horses. He is obviously full of confidence, exuding unwavering determination. It is particularly interesting to note that the character doesn't bother to hold the reins of his team. A living symbol of mastery and courage, this young man in fact has mental strength beyond measure and already knows exactly where he wants to go. His gaze is proudly directed to the right, that is to say, towards the future. His standing position is an extra reinforcement of the idea of determination and action. How could it be otherwise? The young prince is protected by a strong, riveted blue breastplate, which indicates that he has triumphed over the obstacles of life, but also surmounted his harmful emotions. His epaulettes shaped like the comedy and tragedy masks in a theater bear witness to the problems he has overcome.

His team consists of two horses of very different appearance, as if to emphasize his alliance of the positive and negative. One is red (spirituality), the other is blue (temporality). The first seems content to follow the path indicated by the prince's gaze, while the other seems forced. The two wheels of the cart, which point in opposite directions, also testify to the delicate situations that the young prince has overcome, and, in addition, to the obstacles that anyone who wishes to develop will inevitably find in their path.

Obstinacy is the path to success.


  • short-term

    The influence of the Chariot in the short term is manifested by your action, which may, for example, take the form of increased availability at the professional level or a willingness to make changes in your love life. The aura that emanates from you is extremely positive for your evolution. It makes you aware of your real potential and the strategies you should put in place to achieve your goals.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Chariot will guide you on the road to success. He will teach you to trust your strengths and to practice your natural selflessness. Thanks to him, you will no longer be discouraged by the slightest obstacle and the actions you take will be long-lasting. Moved by this great strength of character, nothing can resist you!

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    The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

    The Chariot upright

    As his crown clearly suggests, the main character of the Chariot is a powerful symbol of triumph and success. It is thus very natural that this arcana is generally considered as an extremely positive card in the Tarot, often announcing luck, trips, opportunities and romantic encounters. When he appears upright, the Chariot invites the seeker to become aware of their abilities, whether they are innate or acquired, and to learn how to make full use of them. Assertiveness contributes greatly to well-being and makes it easy to set things in motion. All the obstacles that stand in your way should be considered as mere setbacks. While it is sometimes natural to feel a kind of despair when faced with these obstacles, your qualities of self-sacrifice and determination will always allow you to overcome them. You should consider the Chariot as the captain of an army, full of good intentions, whose objective is not to go to war against other beings, but to face up to the pitfalls that appear before them every day!

    However, do not consider this character as being self-obsessed and totally imprudent. Any lasting action needs to be based on a full understanding of the objectives to be achieved and a calm and reasoned approach. There should be no question of giving in to impatience, the Chariot simply teaches you to embrace the hope of your destiny and to make every effort to turn it into reality. Self-confidence, balance and willingness are the three facets that will lead you on the road to success.

    The Chariot reversed

    As is always the case in an inverted draw, drawing the Chariot upside down warns of the potential defects in the intrinsic qualities of the card. Although the card invites the seeker to take action, there should be no question of giving in to the temptation of hyperactivity. Setting something in motion must always follow deep thought about the meaning that you want your life to have, and not simply be a response to abundant energy. This would lead to a serious risk of loss of control and investment in infertile areas. The important thing will be to precisely define the objectives you want to achieve and then patiently exploit your qualities. This reasoned and serene approach is the only possible solution for those who would like to materialize their projects. Like people who seek escape through excessive work or artificial paradises, action for action's sake is more evidence of a lemming like leap than of a desire to construct something long lasting.

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