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Four of Cups tarot card meaning


    emotional stability, security, durability, apathy, routine,


    closed mind, boredom, lack of development,

Are you interested in the meaning of the Four of Cups and are you looking for credible information about this arcana? Look no further!

Like all the cards in this suit, this main characteristic of this card relates to the seeker's relationships and particularly to their love life. To understand all its aspects, don't forget that, in the world of the Tarot the fours are always associated with ideas of equilibrium and security. The Four of Cups is an excellent omen for anyone looking for a long-term love relationship.

The card is remarkably symmetrical, with two rows of two red and gold cups, one on the bottom and one on the top of the card. Notice how the two leaves emerge from the bottom of the image, as if they were trying to support the two upper cups. It is the idea of spiritual elevation that is being conveyed here. With the Four of Cups, the seeker doesn't just want to be in a relationship, they want it to fulfill them. However, this aspiration is a double edged sword as apathy is likely to set in if the relationship doesn't live up to its promise.

Created from the earth, man will always conserve its force and permanence; created from flesh, woman will always possess its changing and ephemeral beauty.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Four of Cups refers to the idea of emotional stability and the safety of being in a couple. Over time, you have built a lasting relationship with your partner that you can be proud of. As society increasingly emphasizes the benefits of individualism, you have chosen a different path, not because it's the traditional thing to do but because you feel most fulfilled when you are part of a couple.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Four of Cups confronts you with the opposing desires that every human being feels. Between relational fusion and desire for independence, emotional stability and desire for renewal, balance is not always easy to find. Don't forget the reasons that led you to become part of a couple. With time, it is easy to think that your partner will always be there and slide into a routine. Love must be nurtured if you want it to last for a long time. Free yourself from your habits and accept changes in your relationship, for your well-being and that of your lifelong partner.

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    Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Four of Cups upright

    Like all the cards of the suit, the Four of Cups puts all its emphasis on emotions and relationships. It invites the seeker to spiritual elevation through their couple, a promise of shared happiness and heavenly communion. To take full advantage of this creative aspiration, the seeker must first accept the need to confront their current situation.

    The Four of Cups is an arcana with an encrypted message. Some will appreciate it because of the idea of emotional security it carries, while others will be alarmed at the risk of the apathy it can induce. Attaining happiness as a couple is one of the most difficult tasks human beings attempt. And although the traditional model urges us to find someone and start a family, how many couples really understand the effort involved in keeping their flame burning for the long term?

    Every couple, however well established, is a fragile plant that needs to be properly looked after. Without emotional nourishment, there is a every chance that the couple will start to fray at the edges and apathy will develop. If the seeker feels their relationship is suffering from boredom or discontent, they should try blowing some new life into it, changing how they look at it and making changes in their repetitive behavior. This will be essential for their spiritual growth.

    Four of Cups reversed

    What the inverted Four of Cups means will depend on the rest of the draw. However, there are a couple of cases that are frequent and worth discussing.

    In some situations, the arcana indicates that the seeker will soon be presented with a romantic opportunity. For couples, this should be understood in a symbolic way, and not as the arrival of a third person likely to undermine the efforts they are making to keep their relationship alive. By taking advantage of these favorable circumstances, the seeker should be able to improve the everyday life of their couple and their emotional well-being.

    On the other hand, in other cases, the reversed Four of Cups reflects on the reluctance of the seeker to open their heart and share new experiences. They are gradually isolating themselves in their own little word and their relationships will obviously suffer as a consequence.

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