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Ten of Cups tarot card meaning


    healing, well-being, serenity, joy, happiness,


    relationship problems, blockages, silence, conflict, headlong flight,

Among all the minor arcana of the Tarot, the Ten of Cups is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular cards. What is the reason behind this almost universal popularity? The card is a good omen for anyone who has the luck to draw it. It embodies joy, satisfaction and emotional fulfillment within the family.

When observing the Ten of Cups the idea of accomplishment and a strong sensation of well-being immediately come to mind. Visually, the card shows three rows of three red and yellow cups topped with a much bigger cup. This one should be looked on as the jewel in the crown of the seeker's quest for personal fulfillment. Note that the cup at the top is filled to the brim, as if it had perfectly fulfilled its destiny. The three rows of empty cups refer to the very spiritual idea of the trinity and harmony.

The colors chosen to represent the cups are not the result of chance. Red is linked to the idea of action, which is necessary if the fruit of your behavior is to ripen. Yellow is traditionally translated as accomplishment.

Serenity and forgetfulness often go hand in hand.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Ten of Cups is associated with the idea of completion, it is the accomplishment of all your actions over recent years. Your experience is now bearing fruit and you're calmly contemplating the path you have taken in your quest for fulfillment. You can be proud of yourself and satisfied with the positive influence you have on your loved ones.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Ten of Cups is closely linked to a period of calm, fulfillment and emotional well-being. Your find your life completely satisfying and you are proud of the situation that you knew how to build. You live your love as an idyll and the presence of your friends is more rewarding than ever. A healthy body in a healthy mind, this is your new motto!

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    Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Ten of Cups upright

    Like all the cards in the suit of Cups, the Ten of Cups deals mainly with the seeker's emotions. The card thus evokes the sphere of relationships, the people they love and their friends. This card has the best reputation of any in the suit.

    This is because the Ten of Cups symbolizes, above all, a rare period of emotional bliss, stability in relationships and inner harmony. So, it's a particularly halcyon period for the seeker, filled with joy, tenderness and affection. When you look at the arcana from the point of view of numerology, all this makes perfect sense. 10 is the last digit associated with the non-court minor arcana of the divination tarot. Therefore, it obviously indicates the end of a period, and consequently the accomplishment of all that has been embarked on up to now.

    With the Ten of Cups, family bonds are tightened and the joy you experience when you're with your loved ones is heightened. Under the influence of this card, the seeker will feel comfortable in their daily life, without the need to run away from it or embellish it. The situation they are in today suits them completely. It will therefore be necessary to recognize the exceptional nature of this situation and make the absolute most of it.

    Ten of Cups reversed

    On the other hand, the reversed Ten of Cups shows the difficulty the seeker is having in forging close ties in their relationships, especially in the family domain. Although they want to share, something is blocking the relationship for the moment. Maybe it's just a communication problem? If both sides feel a desire to build something then it would be appropriate to renew the dialogue so they can discuss what they are really feeling.

    Sometimes, when it appears upside down, the Ten of Cups can also refer to more serious family concerns, which may, for example, relate to unresolved conflicts. Suffering deeply from a deteriorating relationship with their family, the seeker will feel a deep emotional lack but doesn't have the courage to tackle the problem head on. Keep in mind that conflicts, however distressing, are perfectly natural. By agreeing to confront the relationship problems that are weakening you, you give yourself the chance to forgive and develop.

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