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The Lovers tarot card meaning


    choice, desire, decision, love, consequence,


    blockage, lack of balance, inconstancy, weakness, questioning,

The Lover, arcana VI in the Tarot, stands out visually from the previous cards because of the complexity of the scene it presents. It shows a main character, placed in the center of the image, flanked by two women of very different appearance. Over the Lover, a young man with long blonde hair, a cherub is preparing to shoot his arrow. The cherub is superimposed over a white sun with blue, yellow and red rays.

The Lover is quite obviously hesitating. His gaze is clearly turned to the right while his body leans to the left. Another sign of hesitation and indecision is that one of his feet points to each of the women. His bare legs testify to the sincerity of his approach but also reveal his indecision. The two women on either side of him are easily differentiated. The first, on his right, is well advanced in years. She is dressed in a predominantly red dress, a color that symbolizes energy and action. The young woman standing on the Lover's left is wearing a blue garment, which symbolizes her great intuition and the gentleness of her feelings. The cherub overlooking the scene is of course the personification of Love. The single arrow it is preparing to shoot has an extremely strong symbolic power: once fired, it's impossible to get it back. It reflects the consequences that must be accepted once a decision is made.

Man may be jaded, cured of all enthusiasms, no longer able to rise to anger, but there is still a nugget of eternal youth. Love is an adventure that is always attractive.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Lover highlights the existence of a significant internal conflict. It will be a matter of solving this so that you can look at your future with more serenity. Your heart may be attracted by two different people. Or maybe it's a professional situation that is paralyzing you at the moment? Take the time to analyze it in more detail, define what you really need and listen to your instinct.

  • long-term

    In the long term, the Lover reminds you of how important desire and feeling are to your personal development. Ultimately, your well-being is the result of decisions that have been patiently matured, by weighing the pros and cons of each situation. You are the only captain on board and exercising your freewill will help you continue to make progress.

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    The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

    The Lovers upright

    When drawn upright during a Tarot consultation, the Lover most often represents the existence of a particularly complex situation. Confronted with a choice that could be critical, the seeker is at the place where two paths cross. The decision made could affect their whole future. To progress, they will have to trust their instinct, but also carefully analyze the consequences of their action. If the task seems to be particularly difficult, the seeker can rely on the influence of the other arcana of their draw, which will influence their choice in one direction rather than another. This card invites you to become aware of your free will and teaches you to develop your decision-making abilities. Even if at the moment it feels like a Cornelian dilemma, it's essential to remember that taking the right decision will allow you to enjoy happiness and peace in the near future. In fact, the Lover's penchant for hesitation is not his only characteristic. He also clearly symbolizes physical and emotional fecundity, the desire for sharing and the need for stability that are felt by every man and woman. Far from being defeated by indecision, the Lover accepts the complexity of the situation, which he considers as a vector of evolution. Once the right decision is made, he will enjoy moments of joy, passion and physical love. He represents the perfect marriage between the life instinct and prudence.

    The Lovers reversed

    When the Lover is drawn reversed, it reflects a deep stagnation likely to plunge the seeker into a particularly dark psychological state. The decision offered to them seems to be out of reach and its consequences too far reaching to make a choice quickly. So, the temptation to postpone it, and opt for absolute inaction, is great. Although this position appears comfortable at first sight, it may quickly demonstrate its limits. To enjoy greater serenity in the future, it is better not to bury your head in the sand but rather to face your inner demons. In the context of a romantic relationship, the time may have come to have a serious discussion with your partner, the only possible way to go forward together. In the professional field, it's necessary to stop pushing back your deadlines if you want to successfully complete projects that are dormant or to take advantage of new career opportunities. After all, life cannot flourish unless there is movement.

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