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Queen of Pentacles tarot card meaning


    wealth, materialism, stability, security, accumulation,


    egoism, coldness, superficiality, greed, pushiness,

Like all the cards belonging to this suit, the Queen of Pentacles is deeply attached to the material energy of human life. It is no coincidence that in her right hand she is holding an imposing gold coin, which she proudly holds up to her face. Proud of the result of her past actions, the Queen of Pentacles is now contemplating the fruits of her labors. In this respect, note how the coin is similar in color to the crown and the scepter, two attributes closely attached to the idea of power. The rank this character has today is not the result of luck, it is the result of her hard work and the strengths she has used so well for many years.

An obvious symbol of material wealth, gold is a metal that also refers to the notion of timelessness. The goods acquired during a lifetime don't just vanish, they are transmitted from generation to generation in the form of an inheritance. In the world of the Tarot, the Pentacles are also associated with the element of Earth, the emblem of fecundity and the regeneration of everything.

What we call the present is given shape by an accumulation of the past.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Queen of Pentacles encourages you to continue along the path you have already chosen. You want to work for your material security and your qualities will enable you to reach your goals quickly. You can count on your strength of character and your unwavering dedication.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Queen of Pentacles is associated with financial success and material prosperity. Once the future of your home is secure, it may be a question of focusing on values that are less practical than those you are accustomed to, by developing stronger emotional ties with those around you!

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    Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

    Queen of Pentacles upright

    When she appears upright in a divinatory tarot draw, the Queen of Pentacles refers to the need for material security. The archetype of the fostering mother, she is concerned, above all, with the physical well-being of her children, ensuring that they will always have a good meal to eat and warm clothes to face the winter. Her maternal nature is therefore expressed mainly through practical values, in total contradiction to the Queen of Cups, more worried about the emotional development of her offspring.

    The Queen of Pentacles, however, does not only assume the role of mother. She is, in fact, a deeply active woman, marvelously combining professional imperatives and personal life. Full of energy and determination, this character flourishes particularly at work, where her qualities are also unanimously recognized. Her legendary selfless determination allows her to steadily climb the ladder and her formidable strength of character encourages her to maintain her course despite some occasional difficulties.

    This queen is sure of her strengths, and her independence charms. Although she is able to be deeply in love, she is above all a modern woman who does not need to rely on traditional relationship patterns. Her very special character is perfectly compatible with a radiant love life. With her, there is no need to worry about the future, everything is already planned.

    Queen of Pentacles reversed

    The reversed Queen of Pentacles often refers to someone trapped in excess activity. They are independent by nature and deeply committed to ensuring the financial security of their home, so will try really hard to do their best on every level. Sometimes, however, they need to recognize that it is very difficult to be omnipresent. Under the influence of the reversed Queen of Pentacles the seeker may be experiencing problems fulfilling all their commitments. It is therefore very likely that they feel an imbalance in their life and frustration at the impossibility of being able to fulfil all these obligations.

    In some situations, this draw may also reflect the difficulty the seeker has in making an emotional connection with the people around them. By concentrating more than is necessary on the practical and financial aspects of things, it is easy to forget that the well-being of your loved ones also involves emotional sharing, listening and empathy.

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