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Queen of Cups tarot card meaning


    compassion, love, understanding, calm, security,


    jealousy, emotions, conflict, misunderstanding, dishonesty,

Much loved by cartomancers, the Queen of Cups belongs to the large family of court cards. This means there is a greater symbolism on the card than is usual with minor arcana, making it easier for those who love the divination tarot to understand the different facets of the personality of this sensitive and loving character.

The Queen of Cups is, unsurprisingly, represented by a relatively young woman, whose hair color varies depending on the tarot version. She is, however, most often blonde. Represented in 3/4 length and looking to her right, the queen sits on a throne covered by a canopy. The central part of her dress and the blue background suggest the world of emotions to which she belongs. First and foremost, the Queen of Cups is an intuitive and receptive woman.

In her right hand she holds a closed cup, which might contain the secrets of her heart and the mysteries of the human soul. This closed cup of course refers to the notion of what cannot be said, but also of clairvoyance. Doesn't the queen's gaze directed towards the object let it be understood that she alone is able to uncover the truths it contains?

The Queen of the Cups holds a kind of scepter in her left hand. Calm and placid in appearance, she will nonetheless be formidable if someone breaks her heart. Her red coat is a reminder of her power to act.

We are better when we feel ourselves weeping. Compassion makes us feel so good!


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Queen of Cups encourages you to get closer to your emotions and to develop the delightful qualities of empathy, respect and love that make human life so much richer. Reach out to those who need it and feel free to trust the people who reach out to you.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Queen of Cups' influence is manifested by a burst of creativity and strong intuition. Thanks to her, you will be able to feel things before they are shown to you, and also to connect on a deeper level with those around you. In your career, your communication skills will ensure a good-natured coexistence with your colleagues.

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    Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Queen of Cups upright

    Whether directly related to the seeker or referring to a person around them, the Queen of the Cups is a deeply sensitive character, for whom relationships with others always involve sharing and empathy. Not much appreciated in a world increasingly focused on productivity and individuality, these rare qualities make this woman a unique being. With her, you need to let your heart speak and let yourself feel a little maternal softness.

    The highly developed receptivity and sensitivity of the Queen of Cups give her a tremendous capacity to understand the mysteries of the human soul. You should follow her example. When drawn upright, this card may be a sign to the seeker that it is now necessary to take the time for a little introspection. This pause can be extremely beneficial: it will make them aware of the blockages preventing them from moving forward and reconnecting to their true emotions. The constant flow of everyday life sometimes forces you to act on automatic pilot. By trusting your intuition, you will find it is easier to understand how your psyche works and also to get closer to others, in good times and in bad.

    Queen of Cups reversed

    When drawn upside down, the Queen of Cups can be associated with two diametrically opposite situations. It will therefore be necessary to take into account the other cards in the draw, including the Major Arcana, to analyze it more accurately.

    Sometimes the inverted Queen of Cups reflects some form of lack of control on the part of the seeker. They are gripped by particularly vivid emotions that they find difficult to use. This excessive sensitivity affects their social relations and also prevents them from seeing things clearly.

    In the other situation, the draw suggests the difficulties the seeker has in connecting with their inner self. So their actions are a result of habit, which tends to distance them from their true self and the benefit they could draw from getting closer to their true emotions.

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