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The Tower tarot card meaning


    change, transformation, regeneration, reconstruction, questioning,


    crisis, failure, rupture, upheaval, illusion,

Like Death, the Tower provokes ambivalent reactions within the community of Tarot users. This is easily explained by the brutal appearance of the card, which nevertheless is likely to bring the fertile ground that is essential to the renewal of life.

From a visual point of view, Arcana XVI features two characters falling from a tall square tower. Despite their somewhat uncomfortable situation, the protagonists don't seem too worried by their fate, as evidenced by their serene expressions. The blue of their clothes testifies to their passivity. The symbolism of the fall, of course, refers to the ideas of failure and disillusionment, two essential components of human destiny, life being inherently unpredictable and cyclical.

In the center of the card is a tall square tower. It has black windows and a multitude of multicolored balls are escaping from its burning roof. The Tower is fascinating in that it is difficult to know if the fire is internal in the tower - it would then be caused by the ignorance or arrogance of humans - or completely external. It would then be the result of a superior force, such as lightning for example.

However, be careful not to misinterpret this arcana. Although the fire is destroying the work of humans and forcing them to fall, it also has a powerful revitalizing force. In this way, the colored balls escaping from the destruction should be viewed as new energy, essential to the reconstruction. After all, is not destroying to rebuild like dying to be reborn?

Because life is eternally beginning anew we have never finished with love.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Tower is usually associated with the idea of upheaval. Some events or people may lead you to question the whole edifice of your life that you have built. Don't fight against this change, life being by nature cyclical and unpredictable. As spring always follows winter, it will allow you to rebuild on new foundations.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Tower will allow you to take some form of perspective on life and its events. After all, if everything is a matter of choice, no choice is truly better than any other. The situation is therefore propitious if you want to learn to relativize and not be so affected by small everyday anxieties.

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    The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

    The Tower upright

    When drawn upright, the Tower implies some sort of destruction and refers to the notion of irreparability. It indicates that a point of no return has been crossed. Faced with this powerful symbolism, it is perfectly normal that the seeker feels disconcerted, even deeply distressed, when faced with the perspective invoked by this card. Fear, however, is absolutely unnecessary, as, in reality, the Tower is a beneficial card to those who will listen to its teachings. In fact, it allows you to question the certainties with which you have surrounded yourself and to leave the comfortable, but totally paralyzing, cocoon which constitutes your routine. Its function is not to upset everything just for the sake of it, but to deconstruct things in order to offer you the opportunity to rebuild on a more solid basis, and perhaps closer to your true values. The Tower requires you to stop pulling the wool over your eyes, to look at your life as it really is, with its benefits, of course, but also its most obvious faults. If this awareness can initially be painful to experience, it will be necessary for anyone who wants to take back the reins of their destiny! Keep in mind that reconstruction always follows the shaking of foundations that you believed to be eternal.

    The Tower reversed

    Drawn upside down, the Tower becomes a precious tool with teaching you should benefit from. It puts the seeker face to face with their problems and blockages, but without exposing them directly to situations that are too drastic. By warning them of the potential dangers they are heading into, the card assumes the role of advisor. To evolve on the path of life, it's important to listen to this card's message and to change course before it is too late.

    In some situations, a reversed draw of the Tower reflects the difficulties experienced by the seeker in dealing with changes. While it is sometimes natural to be afraid of leaving the safety of your cocoon, persisting in obvious errors is particularly dangerous. It is then that the fear of pain takes over and pushes the seeker to remain totally inactive. This situation is in no way sustainable, it only postpones the inevitable. It is therefore better to face up to the truth at once and embrace change, the latter often proving to be beneficial.

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