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The Empress tarot card meaning


    intelligence, understanding, power, dynamism, creativity,


    superficiality, lies, lack of knowledge, vanity, nervousness,

The 3rd major arcana in the Tarot, the Empress is in a sitting position, referring to the ideas of balance and stability that she represents. She rests on a flesh-colored throne, as if she were in perfect harmony with the world of matter over which she reigns. Her proud gaze is turned to the left, towards her husband The Emperor, who she respects and rarely seeks to contradict, one of the main characteristics of the Empress. Her great power does not lie in her ability to impose her will, but rather in her ability to communicate, to suggest and to analyze, making her the very symbol of mediation. The direction of her gaze also suggests a certain attachment to tradition, which this arcana recognizes is very important.

The hair of the Empress - long, white and loose - testifies to her great intelligence, but also to the purity of her intentions and the clarity of her ideas. As is customary for a person of high rank, she is wearing a crown, this one is yellow and red, two colors that symbolize respectively radiance and power. Unlike The High Priestess, whose action unfolds more in the spiritual universe, the authority of the Empress is temporal in nature. And the scepter adorned with a globe that she holds firmly in her left hand is there to remind you of that.

Man prides himself on the subtle analysis of his intelligence, but woman possesses a tool that is less logical and more acute for analyzing the future: intuition.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Empress is an extremely positive card from the Tarot, which pushes you to make concrete use of your strengths and to act in the concrete world. Filled with this positive energy, you will be more able than usual to seize the small opportunities that are offered to you. Why not accept that new project, for example, talk to your loved ones about the things you don't agree with, or begin spending time on a cause that is close to your heart?

  • long-term

    In the long term, this arcana is very definitely about action. To achieve your goals, however, it will be necessary to learn to master this positive energy, this vital spark that drives you to create and build. By taking a step back and communicating in a calm and thoughtful way, you'll put the cards on your side!

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    The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

    The Empress upright

    Above all, arcana III of the Tarot requires that you reconnect with the feminine forces that have been sleeping - sometimes for too long - in you. When they wake they bring the small amounts of illumination necessary to the correct understanding of a situation or a life path. A true symbol of mastery, more than anything the Empress loves thoughtful and considered action. Why take foolish risks if you can achieve your goals without danger? With her, there is little room for improvisation or excess. Her analysis is always based on the fruits of a fertile intelligence, which some people will not hesitate to describe as superior. This faculty of analysis acts like a breath of fresh air, a vital spark, or the light that allows plants to flourish. The Empress encourages you to take control of your destiny, to trust yourself more and to optimize your sometimes hidden potential. After all, it is not for nothing that the shield she holds against herself bears a bird with its wings spread. The Empress' actions are firmly in the real world. Possessing a pronounced taste for the functional, she is also a good person to ask for advice. As an empirical being the Empress has shaped her personality by learning lessons from past experiences. It's a good idea to listen to them so you can make advances on your life path.

    The Empress reversed

    When drawn upside down, the Empress often represents a set back or slowing down of a project. The draw is clearly indicating that a momentary difficulty is hindering action and preventing the seeker from taking full advantage of their intellectual and/or emotional strengths. In life, however, nothing is definitive. To move forward, you simply need to take the time to analyze the reasons for this blockage and learn to trust more. Sometimes an upside-down draw can also refer to the Empress' authoritarian side, her rash way of engaging in action, and deliberately ignoring common sense and other people. An excess of arrogance may at first sight seem like a formidable weapon to help you fight your way through a world full of pitfalls, but it's actually the best way to attract lightning. Action for action's sake doesn't have any meaning, any constructive approach must be based on a foundation of proven knowledge.

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