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Two of Wands tarot card meaning


    opposition, introspection, maturation, reflection, decision,


    scattering, lack of projection, immaturity, indecision, flight forward,

The Tarot's four Two cards are generally misunderstood by newcomers to cartomancy. Before going into more detail about the symbolism inherent in the Two of Wands it seemed to me imperative to remind you about the particularities of the Twos. Unlike The Aces, which are synonymous with action and expansion, the Twos are more associated with the idea of introspection and waiting. Their influence is not immediately expressed in a visible way but is more like an upturn in fortune that is promised soon.

In the most popular versions of the Tarot the card we are dealing with today is represented by two crossed yellow sticks with a blue central part. In the world of the Tarot, blue is traditionally linked to notions of creativity and instinct. The sticks rapidly become yellow, a color that refers to the idea of thoughtful action. The structure in the form of a cross, of course, recalls this principle of inaction that the arcana conveys, as if the seeker were momentarily compelled to wait. This period should not last long, however. It should, in fact, be looked on as a pause which is necessary for future development. And afterwards you'll quickly be picking its juicy fruit!

Take a step back and everything automatically looks bigger.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Two of Wands encourages a period of introspection, during which your desires will be given the time they need to mature. Although you sometimes let life drag you along in a headlong dash, agreeing to step back will allow you to start acting for the long-term. This is essential to your fulfillment and success.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Two of Wands will teach you to successfully juggle your long-term obligations and your impulse towards your desires, by nature fluctuating and unpredictable. The combination of rigor and laxity is a particularly effective path for those who want to enjoy the small pleasures of life without neglecting the benefits of having a project of construction.

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    Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    Two of Wands upright

    As you have already seen, the wands are always associated with the idea of action and starting. With the Two of Wands this needs to be understood from a symbolic point of view, as the influence of this card will not manifest itself in the seeker's behavior at the moment.

    In effect, the Two of Wands conveys the idea of an accumulation of desires, and favors taking a little time to think. As everyone knows, life is made up of choices, but it is often dangerous to rush into an adventure without taking the time to think. However, this card does not desire to hinder the seeker's development or compel them to be immobile - far from it. With the Two of Wands, the seeker's desires are completely recognized. The arcana simply wishes to teach the virtues of waiting and planning!

    No matter how wonderful it seems, every idea must be properly cultivated in order to one day bear fruit. By taking the time to step back, the initial impulse can be gradually transformed into a path that guides the seeker in their quest for fulfillment. This time of reflection is an efficient way of preparing the future and ensuring that the seeker really is acting in accord with their deepest desires. The time to act is approaching fast!

    Two of Wands reversed

    The most frequent interpretations of the inverted Two of Wands refer to two different situations. Everything will depend, of course, on the other arcana present in the draw, especially those located in close proximity to the card that interests us today.

    Sometimes, when it appears upside down, the Two of Wands suggests the seeker is harboring some form of scattering. With little control over their desires, they have an unfortunate tendency to commit to everything and nothing at the same time. Infatuated by new things, they will be hopelessly trying to enjoy every pleasure life has to offer without ever thinking about their guiding principles. The aim is therefore to learn how channel their energy better, to precisely define the objectives they want to achieve and put an effective action plan in place.

    In other situations, the Two of Wands reversed testifies to the seeker's difficulties in achieving their long-term plans. Although they thought they had everything planned out, they are currently faced with an obstacle in their path that is slowing down their progress. What plan will they have to put in place in order to overcome it?

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