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King of Pentacles tarot card meaning


    mastery, security, routine, success, material fulfillment,


    authority, domination, control, amorality, lure of gain,

The King of Pentacles is an arcana particularly appreciated by followers of cartomancy in search of comfort and stability. Like the King of Cups, the card features a male character of advanced age, as suggested by his long, beautifully tended, white beard. In his right hand he holds a particularly imposing coin, which is, of course, a symbol of the character's material and financial success.

Unlike his wife, the Queen of Pentacles, the King is not looking at his coin shield, his eyes are turned to the left. He may just be giving a satisfied look at his companion, with whom today he is sharing the fruits of his past labor. Anyway, comfortably seated on his throne, legs crossed in satisfaction, the King of Pentacles seems to appreciate his situation.

Strangely, given his status, the old king isn't wearing a crown, but simply a large hat with a broad, curved brim. However, his beautiful clothes reflect his prosperity. They present a beautiful balance between the shades of red, blue and yellow, three colors respectively associated with action, intuition and spirituality. The comfortable situation that the King of Pentacles is enjoying today is not fortuitous, but results from the many qualities he has been able to deploy throughout his life!

There is only one success - to be able to live your life in your own way.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the King of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of money and financial success in your personal growth. Your goal has never been to accumulate for the simple pleasure of owning, but to affirm your qualities through work. Your wealth results exclusively from the fruits of your labor, so you can be proud of the path you have walked thus far, and the efforts made in recent years.

  • long-term

    In the long term, the King of Pentacles is a favorable omen for anyone who wants to find fulfillment in a secure family structure. Money is only one facet of a human being's life; your well-being also depends on the quality of the relationships you have with your friends and family. Your situation means you can help them in the future, providing them with some form of stability and sharing memorable times together.

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    King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

    King of Pentacles upright

    Above all, the King of Pentacles should be considered as a great archetype of human psychology. During a Tarot draw, it can directly refer to the seeker's character or that of a person likely to have a lasting influence on their destiny.

    From a general point of view, the King of Pentacles is a character closely associated with professional and financial success. Appreciating both a job well done and a secure home, he works constantly to ensure a significant cash flow. The fruits of his labors will be primarily intended for those around him, with his family as a priority, a structure essential to his happiness.

    The unbridled quest for prosperity which the King of Pentacles’ action is aimed at can be surprising. It could make you think of a vulgarly material character, totally obsessed by his rank in society and how other people perceive him. But this is not the whole picture. Like any human being, the King of Pentacles is a sensitive man and has his weaknesses. The material security that he is looking for is simply his way of filling them. It is the fruit of his hard work and effort and reassures him of his strengths and self-sacrifice. The King of Pentacles doesn't accumulate money for the pleasure of having money. As a good patriarch, he wants to share it with those he loves. His approach is therefore profoundly empathetic.

    King of Pentacles reversed

    When he appears upside down, the King of Pentacles often refers to a figure fallen from his throne. A frantic need for acquisition may have gradually isolated him from the people he loves, who are now reproaching him for his lack of commitment to his relationships. In an almost counter intuitive way, this draw may be related to a breakdown or a divorce, or at the very least to conflict in the seeker’s love life or family relationships.

    The inverted King of Pentacles symbolizes a person totally obsessed with their financial success, ready to do the most menial work in order to consolidate their status. Better not to cross their path!

    In other cases, the arcana conveys the idea of excess. Food, magnificent parties, excessive expenditure: the King of Pentacles is experiencing enormous difficulty in using his money in a sustainable way and sharing it with his family.

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