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The Hierophant tarot card meaning


    spirituality, counsel, clairvoyance, wisdom, virtue,


    stagnation, rigidity, lack of confidence,

The 5th major arcana in the Tarot the Hierophant, unsurprisingly, assumes a deeply spiritual function. It is traditionally represented by a mature man with a long white beard, an attribute that testifies, of course, to his experience and wisdom. As the symbol of stable and lasting power, the character sits on a transparent throne, inside a building that seems to have a religious significance, as suggested by the columns. Although surprising at first sight, this transparency serves to remind us of the invisible, cryptic and elusive nature of the universe over which the Hierophant rules! His right hand, held over his heart, is blessing the two figures kneeling before him, both bearing the tonsure, a symbol of rebirth, soul washing and forgiveness. The left hand of the Hierophant holds the hierophant cross in a vertical position. This cross refers to the three stages through which every person must pass in order to experience true spiritual fulfillment, namely instinct, consciousness and knowledge.

The Hierophant is wearing a blue robe topped with a red coat with yellow edges, the three colors testifying to the active and spiritual nature of his power. Also note the black brooch holding the cloak together at the throat. Its location is hardly a coincidence, the Adam's apple represents this character's capacity for verbal expression. The Hierophant knows the hidden treasures of the soul and the world, and is happy to communicate them to anyone who requests them.

Happiness lies on the path of duty.


  • short-term

    The influence of the Hierophant in the short term often results in the appearance - or recognition - of a trusted person in your immediate circle of friends and family.. Although their contribution may not be immediately felt, the trust they have in you will lay foundations that will allow you to envisage the future with more serenity. This quiet force can only be extremely positive for your future development.

  • long-term

    In the long term, the Hierophant will teach you to better understand what has built you, i.e., your psychological heritage, your family roots and your religious beliefs. He invites you to find fulfillment along a path that has already been followed by many of your ancestors. This acceptance of the principle will help you to understand your destiny better and bring you the harmony that you have been looking for for a long time.

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    The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

    The Hierophant upright

    The male face of The High Priestess, the Hierophant is undoubtedly the most eminent spiritual authority of the Tarot. Although he reigns over the world of humankind, his power comes from a superior authority, whose mysteries he will reveal to anyone who asks. To be successful in spreading his message, the character has developed extraordinary verbal skills, which allow him to be a particularly effective mediator. As a mature and empathetic man, the Hierophant understands the difficulties of a human life very well and will provide benevolent protection. He is a wise and charismatic character that it is good to lean on, a man full of humanity who likes to share his experiences and offer advice. Some people would not hesitate to compare his function to that currently filled by, for example, psychologists or psychoanalysts. Thanks to him, it is always possible to find a refuge, even in the most complex periods, and the road to peace is never far away. Like The Emperor, the Hierophant is a strong believer in tradition and is particularly attached to the preservation of rules. His role is thus important for anyone who would like to get a better understanding of their family heritage or roots.

    The Hierophant reversed

    The analysis of the influence of the Hierophant's card on the destiny of the seeker depends more than other arcana on the draw as a whole. It can be difficult to clearly understand the meaning of the arcana when it is drawn upside down. This is especially true as it is a character that likes to cultivate mystery! However, this draw often refers to too much psychological or behavioral rigidity, which in some situations may prevent the seeker from achieving their objectives. Adaptability and understanding of the particularities of other people are essential qualities for anyone who wishes to move calmly along their life path. When drawn upside down, the Hierophant can quickly become intolerant, touchy, or even slanderous with people he does not understand. He also represents a certain penchant for conformism, which can distort his analysis of the contemporary world. This position can be dangerous and contribute to the isolation of the seeker from their peers.

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