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The suit of Swords


    logical mind | bravery | intellect | power | authority


    tyranny | violence | destruction | rivalry | immobility

A general overview of the Pentacles cards

The suit of Swords corresponds to the suit of Spades in a traditional card game. It is also associated with the element of air and the season of spring. From a symbolic point of view, the Sword is considered as a weapon of both attack and defense. The cards belonging to the suit can therefore help you to navigate the jungle of life, as well as generate major conflicts. The suit of Swords is driven by an masculine active principle, highlighting the benefits of logic, courage and bravery. Under their influence decision-making is facilitated. They help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and undo the harmful ties that sometimes bind you to the past. After all, power and success inevitably involve some form of violence. To make the most of the suit's teachings you will need to open your arms to the virtues of change and be ready to take the risk of failing.

When they appear upside down in a tarot draw, the Swords testify to exacerbated aggressiveness or misused brute force by the consultant. They sometimes translate a complete inability to move forward and make sustainable decisions. Not surprisingly, this immobility is particularly harmful.

Know in order to foresee, in order to be able to act.

14 cards of Swords

  • Ace of swords
  • Two of swords
  • Three of swords
  • Four of swords
  • Five of swords
  • Six of swords
  • Seven of swords
  • Eight of swords
  • Nine of swords
  • Ten of swords
  • Page of swords
  • Knight of swords
  • Queen of swords
  • King of swords

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