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Six of Wands tarot card meaning


    recognition, victory, respect, social ascent, trust,


    lack of self-confidence, disgrace, defeat, doubt, inefficiency,

Are you interested in the world of the divination tarot and looking for credible information on the subject? On this page, you'll find all the information you need to have a better understanding of what the Six of Wands means.

For cartomancy specialists the suit of Wands is about emotional energy, the temperament and moods. It represents the suit of diamonds from a traditional card game but is also related to the element of fire. In numerology, the number 6 is about divine beauty. It's a reflective number that makes visible treasures that we can't always see with our physical eyes. The Six of Wands naturally reflects both these influences.

From a visual point of view, the Six of Wands is made up of two sets of three sticks crossing at their center. At the heart of this cross-shaped structure is a checkered rhombus, from which leaves and flowers spring up. The fruit of the meeting of the two paths, this rhombus is the source of the seeker's creative energy. This is why the Six of Wands is frequently associated with the meeting of two people, who share the same physical pleasures or a common desire to move forward together.

What pleases good hearts is recognition.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Six of Wands reminds you of the importance of celebrating small successes as well as large ones. The strengths you have been using over the years are rare. You need to become aware of this and share your experience with your friends. Today, you can look back with pride and contemplate how far you have come.

  • long-term

    When its influence is analyzed over the long term, the message of the Six of Wands is one of hope. It encourages you to take action and become actively involved in the things that really matter to you. This is the only possible thing to do if you want to eventually achieve your goals and shape your character according to your experience. Welcome to the school of life!

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    Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    Six of Wands upright

    The Six of Wards is a card that divination tarot adepts appreciate because it is a sign of a period of success and of social recognition for the seeker. This is why it reminds us of the major arcana, The World, although its influence is more superficial.

    The Six of Wands indicates that the seeker knows how to use their energy for things that are important to them. They are aware of their goals and able to use their strengths to build a life that really suits them, notwithstanding that the road to success was full of pitfalls. And if their efforts are publicly recognized today, it is because the seeker always did their best. They can now take full advantage of their successes and be proud of what they have accomplished.

    Unlike the cards of the suit of Pentacles, the Six of Wands represents a highly empathetic energy. Under its influence, the seeker won't only want to establish their own social standing, they will really want to share their experience with those around them. With this card, pleasure and sharing are never forgotten!

    Six of Wands reversed

    On the other hand, when it appears in reverse, the Six of Wands testifies to the seeker's doubts about their ability to succeed. Lacking confidence in their abilities, they tend to avoid situations that could, however, contribute to their development. This difficult situation is most often explained by unresolved trauma or an education that didn't sufficiently reveal the child's potential.

    In some cases, the inverted Six of Wands suggests that the seeker suffers from some form of scattering. They may have become aware of how important effort is but cannot channel their energy for the moment. They will need to take a step back and examine their life in order to determine precisely what they want to achieve and put an appropriate strategy in place to do it. Only by acting for the long term can they regain confidence in their abilities.

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