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Six of Cups tarot card meaning


    nostalgia, childhood, sweetness, tenderness, family nest,


    idealization of the past, melancholy, flight from the present, regret, trauma,

Are you a divinatory tarot reader who wants to perfect your knowledge and learn about the true meaning of the Six of Cups? Here you will find all the information you need to understand the arcana.

Before focusing on the visual symbolism of the card, I thought it seemed sensible to remind you that in the world of cartomancy, the Suit of Cups is always associated with the world of emotion, feelings and love. All the sixes are linked to the idea of beauty, the mirror image encouraging you to appreciate hidden jewels that you might not always be able to see. So, for Tarot specialists, the card we are studying today is most often perceived as a good omen.

From a visual point of view, the card is a seductive vision of harmony. There are three cups on the left and three on the right. This mirror image is reinforced by the symmetry of the central plant motifs. This particular design is not a coincidence. It testifies to your desire to find your other half, a soul mate who will understand you, whatever happens, in your joys and in your sorrows. However, don't be too naive in your vision of this card. The dark side of the Six of Cups is its ability to testify to an excessive self- love. If you spend all your time looking at yourself in the mirror you risk driving away your friends and family!

Gentleness succeeds better than violence.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Six of Cups encourages you to enjoy your childhood memories and their atmosphere, full of love and tenderness, that has contributed so much to forging your personality. This step will bring you a delicacy of feeling that will help you through the trickiest situations; it will remind you that calm is always possible, even when you are encountering the most violent storms.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Six of Cups will allow you to create harmony between your past and your future, so you feel perfectly at ease in your present. Although your past experiences partly explain what you are today, there is no point in lingering on them too often. Life is always about the future. To feel at ease with yourself, you need to start thinking about the future now.

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    Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Six of Cups upright

    The most frequent interpretation of the Six of Cups associates it with memory and nostalgia. It testifies to a past that still influences the seeker's life and decisions. This is also why the card can be both positive and harmful for the life of the seeker.

    It's no secret that past experiences have had a significant contribution to creating the person you are today. They have helped create your character and you have also learned from your mistakes. They have made you a better person, more inclined to recognize the importance of the small pleasures of life, and better able to stand back a bit when situations upset you. By embracing your past, you can relive the best moments of your childhood or enjoy all over again the memorable experiences that still warm your heart.

    The danger with the Six of Cups is precisely that you'll rely too much on these past experiences. When your daily life isn't really satisfying it can be tempting to retreat into your memories. And this is no secret to anyone: this way of behaving is not sustainable. Happiness is never content with past experiences; it is something that really wants to look to the future. You can always create your own well-being when you know the right place to look. And you need to look after it carefully every day, like watering your plants or polishing a diamond.

    Six of Cups reversed

    When the Six of Cups is drawn upside down it most frequently indicates the problems the seeker is having in making a clean sweep of their past. While it is important to accept you need to look at your memories from time to time, it's also essential not to be too attached to them.

    The inverted Six of Cups frequently appears when some trauma has not been resolved. Beliefs are generally formed in childhood and it can sometimes be difficult to change them once you become an adult, even if they hinder your development. Of course, this means the seeker will have to accept they need to nourish themselves elsewhere, open their eyes and really change their vision of the world.

    The past is there to serve as a guide, a safeguard against repeating the same mistakes. It should not act as your unique reference point. Today, the future is what matters.

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