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Two of Cups tarot card meaning


    emotion, love, germination, new beginnings, tenderness,


    blockage, trauma, inertia, fear, resistance,

Before dwelling more on the symbolism of the Two of Cups, it is first a good idea to recall the main characteristics of the "two" cards. Unlike aces, moved by a male principle of action, the twos are seen as bearing a receptive, feminine energy. So, the Two of Cups is not directly associated with action, risk-taking or impetuousness, but deals more with the heart of consciousness and the calm of your mind. This arcana is very personal, it pushes you towards introspection and is a card that can encourage the purest of emotions to blossom.

Like all the cards in this suit, the Two of Cups is closely related to the world of feelings, emotions and love. From a visual point of view, the arcana is distinguished by its rich symbolism and features two golden cups facing each other. The bottom of the card is solid red. It corresponds to a source of energy which is about to be activated to influence the seeker's destiny.

In the center of the image, there is a plant with two leaves that look like fish. Symbols of feeling and associated with the element of water, these two creatures are arranged in such a way that they face each other. They seem to be looking carefully at each other, just like you need to look at your reflection in a mirror to learn to love yourself. This arrangement also recalls the peaceful links uniting lovers, perfectly at ease with themselves and their other half. This clearly conveys the ideas of alchemy and equilibrium.

The very succulence of the fruit aims toward germination.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Two of Cups is associated with your newly regained ability to love. The pains you felt in the past have been sufficiently blotted up to enable you to commit fully to your relationship, whether it is just beginning or already well established. Your empathy and tenderness are ideal to ensure the sustainability of your relationship. Learn to enjoy it to the full!

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Two of Cups highlights how love and sharing have a strong part to play in your well-being. In a society geared towards material success, human relationships are often put to one side. Your ability to love is one of the most beautiful parts of your life. Remember that.

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    Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

    Two of Cups upright

    When drawn upright, the Two of Cups is intimately associated with the idea of the germination and accumulation of emotions. It offers an idea of passive receptiveness that helps you to listen more attentively to what is happening inside your soul; it is a force of empathy and sharing that connects you to others and makes you truly human. This card doesn't encourage flamboyant action or grandiloquent gestures, its influence is exerted peacefully at the very heart of your being.

    Thus, from a romantic point of view, the Two of Cups can mean that the seeker's emotional wounds are finally healed for good, pain is left behind, traumas have been processed. Patient introspection has paid off and is giving way to a perfectly clear sky. After a long period of hibernation, the seeker feels reborn and ready to love again.

    This arcana testifies to the seeker's desire to be part of a couple. As we have just seen, it can be related to the recent beginning of a new romantic relationship. Its influence can, however, also affect already existing couples by breathing new life into the relationship. After a while, it is not unusual for couples to develop a routine which can mean they forget what originally brought them together. By allowing the seeker to refocus on their emotions and feelings, the Two of Cups offers them the chance to rediscover the joy they have in their partner.

    Two of Cups reversed

    First, I want to clarify that a complete analysis of a tarot draw needs to take all the cards into account. The following information presents only the general cases that relate to the inverted Two of Cups and is not a substitute for a more precise examination of the draw.

    In some situations, a reversed Two of Cups indicates the difficulty the seeker has in opening up their heart and committing to new relationships. So, their behavior becomes marked by caution and mistrust, as if they are scared of confronting the possible pain that would result from a failed love affair. This attitude tends to lock them into paralyzing habits and a daily life that is often not very rewarding. To escape from this situation, sooner or later the seeker will have to deal with their past wounds. This is the only solution if want to move on and enjoy the immeasurable joys of love again.

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