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Three of Wands tarot card meaning


    desire, discovery, experience, encounter, happiness,


    failure, slowdown, blockage, disarray, short-term vision,

Are you interested in the meaning of the Three of Wands? On this page, you'll find all the information you need about this card, one that is very appreciated by seekers and by specialists in the Tarot. Like all the Three cards, this minor arcana is closely related to the liberation of energy, the senses and ideas.

When you look at the card, you immediately see the three wands are crossed, as if the seeker searches to interweave their desires in order to externalize them better. This will be a fruitful quest, if you believe the beautiful flowers that are rooted and growing harmoniously from the center of the structure. The Three of Wands conveys a typically masculine energy of growth. It is full of extraordinary vitality that provides the seeker with equally extraordinary enthusiasm. In return, the seeker will now seek to enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy all the pleasures that, up until now, were unknown to them.

You should also note the open structure that is characteristic of the Three of Wands. Unlike the energy of the Three of Swords (note: add internal link), for example, which is restricted within the limits of an oval, this card's strength extends to infinity, without meeting any spatial or temporal limits. Although this opportunity appears advantageous at first, it will require self-control from the seeker so they can successfully manage their new enthusiasm.

Discovery is a pleasure as subtle and interesting as knowledge.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Three of Wands demonstrates your extraordinary capacity for wonder. Even when you have a satisfying daily life, you're not happy just to sink into habits. Your capacity for desire is always visible, and the people around you are instinctively drawn to that happy state of mind. Take advantage of this beautiful period!

  • long-term

    Analyzed over the long term, the Three of Wands manifests in its astonishing power of action. Your openness will allow you to confront countless situations and gradually refine the path that best suits you. Like a jeweler who patiently polishes their stone, you shape your happiness according to your experiences and your encounters. Your future looks bright!

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    Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    Three of Wands upright

    In the entire universe of the Tarot, it is difficult to find a card with more positive connotations than that of the Three of Wands. This card always symbolizes desire that seeks to externalize itself, in a spirit of joy and discovery acknowledged by the seeker.

    Everyone tends to take life for granted and wallow in some form of routine. It is often easier to be content with what you already know than to venture into new situations. If you keep in mind the ephemeral nature of your life, it will make it easier to enjoy the many pleasures that stretch out their arms to you.

    Under the influence of the Three of Wands, these opportunities will seem easier to grasp and you'll finally be able to make the most of your everyday life. With this card there's no room for boredom, there are so many things out there to be explored!

    Your future success will not, however, depend exclusively on you. To take advantage of the beneficial influence of this card you'll also have to learn to surround yourself with the right people and recognize the opportunities that can permanently influence your destiny. For this, the best solution is to stay active and open-minded. Happiness doesn't always occur where we expect it most! It is important to remain vigilant so as not to miss the boat.

    Three of Wands reversed

    When it appears upside down, the Three of Wands doesn't often exercise a very favorable influence on development, at least when analyzed in the short term. So, it often indicates the temporary failure of the quest for fulfillment, resulting in envy of people who are lucky, a badly designed life path, or the harmful influence of people around us. These setbacks are readily seen as a great source of misfortune and despair.

    You should keep in mind, however, that nothing in the life of a human being is fixed forever, as the Wheel of Fortune rightly reminds us. What is difficult to see at first sight is that failures actively contribute to your personal growth. They shape your personality and polish your character. By learning from your disappointments, and drawing lessons from your past, you can start back down your life path feeling firmer on your feet.

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