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The High Priestess tarot card meaning


    fertility, spirituality, love, patience, inner wealth,


    secrets, delay, blocked intuition,

The 2nd arcana in the Tarot, the High Priestess is commonly seen as a reflection of our inner quest. Unlike The Magician, which is the symbol of knowledge through action, the High Priestess favors personal development through exercising the mind.

The card takes the form of a motionless and mysterious woman, calmly seated on a structure that reminds us of a throne. This is why the High Priestess is often compared to Isis and Artemis, the famous goddesses of Egyptian and Greek mythologies. Her impassive gaze is towards the left, where she seeks a solution to questions deep-rooted in her childhood and her past. Her passive position reminds us that reflection always takes precedence over action. It is not a coincidence that her feet are completely covered by the bottom of her cloak. The latter is adorned with shades of blue and red, two colors associated with wisdom and spirituality.

In her hands the High Priestess holds a wide open book, which of course refers to her thirst for knowledge and love of analysis. However, she isn't actually looking at it because she already knows it by heart and is well aware of the limits of theoretical knowledge. It is by plunging into her mind that she will be able to undo the most complex psychological knots.

The sides of her cloak are open at the chest. This reflects the arcana's position of constant openness to the world and also its exceptional receptivity. The sides seem to draw a V shape, which will remind some the triangle of feminine fertility. This is not a surprise, the High Priestess is a card linked to love and procreation!

What is better than wisdom? Woman. And what is better than a good woman? Nothing.


  • short-term

    Although the High Priestess is an arcana whose influence is stronger over the long-term, this doesn't mean she has no short-term influence. If you have drawn this card, the next 3 months will be favorable to an awareness of your own potential. You can open your arms wide and give free rein to your intuition. The period will be particularly suitable for launching new professional projects, happy relationships or investments.

  • long-term

    With your painful memories behind you, today you can focus on what really matters. All the conditions are right for you to exploit your potential to its fullest extent. Associated with the Magician or the Emperor, the High Priestess announces the achievement of ambitious projects and an increased openness to the outside world. But be patient all the same, you don't want to melt your wings.

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    The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

    The High Priestess upright

    When the High Priestess is drawn upright, she always has a positive connotation. This card tells you your personal situation is changing slowly and that all the essentials you need for change are basically in place so you can expect to enjoy better days ahead. The seeker in search of change can already rejoice: they are blessed with active intuition and enough self-knowledge to make good and objective choices. However, they still need to pay attention to their inner voice and accept the necessity of making regular reviews of their lives, because personal development always comes from the ability to understand more complicated issues than those you are faced with in everyday life. Unlike the Magician, the action of the High Priestess is not part of the material universe. It happens rather through the mysteries of perception and intuition. It is the secret evolution of things that is emphasized here. On the relational level, this arcana refers to the presence - or the emergence - of a relationship of trust, be it friendship, love or a professional relationship. Indeed, the High Priestess is often considered to be a symbol of Mother Earth, a beneficent Gaia from whom we are all born. A true protective force, she shelters us from harmful influences, surrounds us with all her love and will reveal her wise secrets in order to guide us.

    The High Priestess reversed

    When drawn reversed during a session of cartomancy, the High Priestess most often represents a blockage that is temporarily slowing down the personal evolution of the seeker. This card is therefore synonymous with downtime, a period of withdrawal or doubt. Often, drawing this arcana in reverse denotes the difficulties the seeker has in listening to or trusting their intuition, that indispensable force for anyone who wishes to find serenity and fulfillment. Small everyday problems, a shock that is still affecting you, or a recent break, are some of the events that prevent you from looking calmly inside yourself. However, you shouldn't look on these small complications as negatives. Everyone's life path has potholes, it's simply a matter of taking the time to get past them so you can fully enjoy your destiny. Never forget that the analysis of a draw has to take all the cards into account.

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