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Page of Wands tarot card meaning


    enthusiasm, sociability, energy, exploration, open-mindedness,


    carelessness, confinement, hyperactivity, trial and error, doubt,

Sometimes associated with the major arcana of The Fool, the Page of Wands is part of the family of minor court cards in the Tarot, sometimes unjustly set aside by some cartomancy adepts. The character has many lessons for you!

From a visual point of view, the card depicts a vigorous young man, elegantly dressed and represented in profile. He has a determined gaze turned to the right, as if he were preparing to move. He holds a long wooden branch in his hands, which is standing on the ground. The position of his hands is intriguing in that it conveys the idea of exhibition. In fact, it seems the Page of Wands is showing this piece of wood to someone, even though the person cannot be seen in the picture.

The "wand", often colored green, is thicker at the base than at the top, this shape allowing it to absorb terrestrial energies and transmit them to the young page. It is those energies that will push the character into motion, to enjoy life to the fullest and to shape his character according to his experience.

Full of life and enthusiasm, the Page of Wands is associated with the element of fire. This is not a coincidence. In fact, this young man is still in training and his mind is easily lit up with any new situation he encounters. So, although he is not yet an experienced guide that you can trust, his thirst for knowledge is invigorating.

Do foolish things but do them with enthusiasm.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Page of Wands is a messenger of change. A romantic relationship or a new professional opportunity may well turn your life upside down. Don't be afraid of this situation, it is likely to help you in your personal evolution. Just make sure that this new beginning corresponds to your current needs and values.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Page of Wands reminds you that it is often dangerous to indulge in too much routine. Human desires are by nature fluctuating, and it is inevitable that they will change over the course of your life. It is therefore essential to regularly take time to think and draw up a candid assessment of your situation.

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    Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    Page of Wands upright

    Like all 4 pages of the Tarot, the Page of Wands sometimes shows a bit of immaturity, a very minor defect in the face of the character's zest for life and desire for discovery.

    Traditionally, this arcana is associated with the idea of change and renewal. The Page of Wands is a young man full of desire and determined to enjoy everything. With him, there is no question of resting on your laurels or indulging in any sort of routine. His behavior is governed by the urge to act and act quickly. Although at first you might scorn his naivety, it is actually a great asset. The Page of Wands doesn't care about material things or well-crafted career plans. What he seeks above all is to enjoy life to the full, without constraint or contingency plans. Although he doesn't yet know where he wants to go, his discoveries will allow him to quickly shape a vision of the life for him, which will be in perfect harmony with his values and desires.

    The Page of Wands will never be drowned by the flow of his thoughts. Aware of what he desires, he never hesitates to launch himself in the discovery of new horizons. Like lighting a candle wick, he teaches you to get closer to your real self and pay attention to your deepest desires. This is why he is usually considered as an extraordinary life force, an indispensable tool for anyone looking to evolve and influence the course of their destiny.

    Page of Wands reversed

    Drawing the Page of Wands reversed often means that a number of blockages are preventing the seeker from evolving as they desire. On the surface of their mind, they love the idea of change, but they don't ever really engage in a concrete project for the future. This situation is fortunately temporary!

    Usually, this stagnation is a direct consequence of the fear felt by the seeker when facing upheaval. Routine is quite paradoxical: although it is able to meet your need for security, it never really fulfills your deepest aspirations. Remember that it is natural to be scared when faced with major change, but it is equally important to appreciate its virtues. Of course, it is not a question of giving up everything for a simple whim, but of learning to understand your real desires better so you can make your dreams come true!

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