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The suit of Pentacles


    materiality | responsibility | career | success | security


    egoism | imbalance | fatigue | frustration | conservatism

A general overview of the Pentacles cards

The suit of Cups corresponds to the suit of Clubs in a traditional card game. It is also associated with the element of earth and the season of winter. The influence of these cards is especially felt in the materials aspects of life, i.e., money, your career and your needs and requirements, but also the body and healthy. They are thus closely linked to ideas of power, stability and social success. From a symbolic point of view, the suit of Cups is also closely linked to timelessness and heritage. Is not the earth both the source of life and the place to where everything eventually returns? To live under the influence of the Cups is to accept with open arms the bonds we have with our ancestors and those we have with our heirs, in a continuous cycle that is pregnant with spirituality. The gold of the Cups is also extremely solid. It should be looked on as a protective force, a kind of shield that keeps you away from want and protects against the harsh realities of everyday life. This suit emphasizes the importance of respecting standards which are the only possible protection against the chaos of passion and disorder.

When they appear upside down in a tarot draw, Cup cards often show a lack of financial and material security. They can also relate a form of selfishness or a sterile conservatism. In certain draw configurations, inverted Cups reflect a profound imbalance between work and emotional needs.

Obstinacy is the path to success.

14 cards of Pentacles

  • Ace of pentacles
  • Two of pentacles
  • Three of pentacles
  • Four of pentacles
  • Five of pentacles
  • Six of pentacles
  • Seven of pentacles
  • Eight of pentacles
  • Nine of pentacles
  • Ten of pentacles
  • Page of pentacles
  • Knight of pentacles
  • Queen of pentacles
  • King of pentacles

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