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Seven of Wands tarot card meaning


    struggle, conflict, assertiveness, righteousness, moral justice,


    flight, denial, fear of conflict, abdication, inconstancy,

Recalling, in the influence it exerts, The Chariot, the Seven of Wands is usually considered as a highly beneficial card, carrying a powerful truth that draws its energy from the Earth. From a numerological point of view, it is interesting to note that the 7 is the last prime number of the non-court arcana, thus testifying to the end of one period and the beginning of a new adventure.

On the card, the center of the intertwined wands forms a checkered diamond. It is not blue by chance; the color represents the power of the expanding spirit. The narrow red joints at the edge of the central part testify to the pure energy inherent in the change that is taking place in the seeker's mind. They thus reflect the upcoming setting in motion. The sticks are prolonged in yellow, a color traditionally associated with openness to the world.

The arcana of the Seven of Wands thus profits from a perfect harmony of spirit and action. This creative energy materializes concretely in the seeker's life. It will allow them to use their hidden desires and sexuality to define themselves in relation to the world.

Pleasure: the feeling that power is growing.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Seven of Wands testifies to a major period of struggle, likely to make you waver over your most cherished beliefs. These doubts will concern your emotional life as well as your professional world. Although this experience will seem uncomfortable to begin with you should grow as a result and leave it more certain of your values.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Seven of Wands teaches you the virtues of moral rectitude and self-denial. As conflict is a natural part of being a human being fleeing or giving in as soon as your beliefs are challenged is pointless. If you want to feel in harmony with your inner self, learn to remain consistent in your actions, your words and your values.

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    Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

    Seven of Wands upright

    When it appears upright, the Seven of Wands can, at a glance, strongly resemble the Five of the same suit. Although both cards reflect the existence of a struggle, their message is very different.

    The Five of Wands warns you against excessive aggression when you find yourself in a situation of conflict. The card is driven by a desire for power and domination, which encourages the seeker to win their battles at all costs, even if it clashes with their deepest beliefs. The Seven of Wands, on the contrary, emphasizes the importance of remaining true to your values.

    Conflicts are an inevitable part of a human being's destiny, and it is hardly fruitful to give up as soon as adversity occurs. To have confidence in your values is to be willing to assert them in the face of the world when the opportunity arises and never to deny the things that are important to you. To lay low when you face conflict is to admit that your beliefs are weak and easily shaken.

    Thanks to their idea of moral justice and vision of what life should be like, the seeker has patiently constructed their world. In this struggle of influences, it will be up to them to keep what they have acquired and retain their point of view.

    Seven of Wands reversed

    While it is always difficult to analyze a draw of this type without taking into account the other arcana, the inverted Seven of Wands usually refers to two different situations.

    In the first case, the reversed arcana shows the seeker has an uncomfortable feeling of being cornered. Attacked from left and right, in their professional life as well as in their love life, it becomes incredibly difficult for them to stick to their stance and not to question the values that drive them. The challenges they are facing seem impossible to overcome.

    In other situations, the inverted Seven of Wands indicates a propensity to give in at the slightest difficulty. Which means the seeker's beliefs are frequently ignored and their path forks as soon as a difficulty arises. Greater consistency will help to alleviate the situation.

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