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Page of Swords tarot card meaning


    curiosity, motivation, communication, trust, dynamism,


    arrogance, haste, manipulation, conflict, immorality,

The Page of Swords is not always favored by cartomancers. Young and immature, the character has many qualities that will inspire. Analyzing the card's symbolism will help me to highlight the card's main characteristics.

What's the first thing that strikes you when you look at this card? The young man's extraordinary poise and the elegance of his outfit. With his right hand on his hips and standing tall, the Page of Swords seems as sure of his strength as his social standing. The character draws its confidence from its perfect management of the different energies, as suggested by the balance of colors on the card.

In his left hand the young man holds a sword, universal symbol of power and justice. Note that the weapon is pointed upwards, towards his hat, a position that emphasizes the character's capacity for thought and the excitement it feels about acting.

The Page of Swords’ keen and resolute look testifies to his well-developed intellect, but also to his qualities as an orator. With him, the ideas just keep coming. He will have no trouble finding solutions to the problems that he will inevitably face one day. Pay attention to the sheath on his hip, which looks like a kind of container. Although intended to receive the sword, it is also symbolic of the arcana's knowledge and its ease with words.

Curiosity can’t be forced; it can only be awakened.


  • short-term

    When analyzing the short-term influence of the Page of Swords, it is the urgency to act that immediately makes itself felt. At the moment you feel an unparalleled creativity and a real need for change. Don't be afraid to upset your habits and don't hesitate to make changes if all the conditions are met.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Page of Swords teaches you the virtues of constancy. It is not enough just to start an action. To carry out your projects, you will also have to learn how to keep the action going long-term so you can achieve your vision. So try not to spread yourself too thin and develop your sense of rigor. This quality will be of great help in your quest for fulfillment.

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    Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

    Page of Swords upright

    Before dwelling more specifically on the message carried by the Page of Swords, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you about the role of the Pages in the Tarot. Above all, these 4 characters are considered as messengers. They represent the spark that's needed to turn thought into action. They are the green light that gives you permission to move.

    In the world of cartomancy, no other characters represent such a fine balance between the ability to think and to act as the suit of Swords. And, of course, the Page of this suit is no different! The Page of Swords loves having a swarm of ideas, in which he never gets lost. Once he has made a decision, he will not hesitate to share his projects with his family and gather together everything he needs to carry them out.

    Full of energy, the young man acts according to the values that seem right to him, at least when they agree with his emotions. This is the ideal match between body and mind. The Page of Swords is not scared of obstacles and difficulties and will enjoy overcoming them. Sure of his strength, he is able to cross the highest peaks.

    The young page is an extremely sociable person who seldom acts alone. With him, teamwork and communication are a fundamental part of life. The character sometimes suffers from too much inner tension, because he is totally involved in his task. He also has difficulty understanding people who are not the same, an attitude that can sometimes cause conflict. He will need to find a way to get rid of this agitation if he wants his action to be long lasting.

    Page of Swords reversed

    Two scenarios are possible when the inverted Page of Swords appears in a draw. In the first case, the seeker will have lots of energy but will have a tendency to scatter it all over the place. This behavior is completely counterproductive and means they will not be able to achieve their long-term objectives. They will need to take some time to think and define their projects.

    In the second case, the inverted Page of Swords indicates a blockage that is stopping the seeker from moving forward. Their words are never followed by action. This makes the seeker appear to be a smooth talker who isn't interested in practising what they preach. The most important thing for them will be to understand the reasons for this and to try to resolve their psychological blockages.

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