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The Star tarot card meaning


    love, hope, elevation, acceptance, serenity,


    inertia, mistrust, disillusion, bad luck, imbalance,

Popularized by a famous book by André Breton, the Star - the 17th arcana in the Tarot - carries a particularly favorable message to those who will listen. The card shows a naked woman, kneeling beside a stream. One of her feet is in direct contact with the flow of the river, thus emphasizing the connection the character has with the world of intuition and emotions. The young woman holds two jugs in her hands, the color of which can vary in different versions of the Tarot. She is calmly pouring the contents of one jug into the river, while the contents of the second seem to be used to fertilize the nourishing earth. By this simple and kindly gesture, the Star maintains the eternal cycle of life.

In the background of the image, it is easy to see two trees, one of which hosts a small bird with spread wings. Naturally placed between heaven and earth, the bird is a very common symbol of the spirit and spiritual elevation. Its sweet and magnetic song also allows it to excel in the art of communication, bringing the heavenly message to humankind.

The sky is embellished with a main star with 8 branches, that is surrounded by 7 smaller ancillary stars. They refer, of course, to the solar system as it was then known. The 8 branches convey an important message. They immediately recall the shape of a compass rose, but they also echo the arcana Justice, easily associated with balance and clarity of vision.

A powerful imagination begets the event.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Star encourages you to persevere on the path you have already decided on. As everything comes to those who wait, when the time is ripe you will reap the fruit of your work! Your good humor and serenity aren't pushing you to change. You're right!

  • long-term

    In the long term, the Star will bring you gentleness, protection and success. With her, there's no doubt: it is long-term projects that are particularly in highlighted. Don't hesitate to get started and begin acting for the long term. If you learn to grasp luck it will stay beside your side you in love, finance and work. Lots of good things are promised for your future!

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    The Star Tarot Card Meaning

    The Star upright

    When drawn upright the Star has a particularly positive meaning for the seeker's short and long-term future. Above all, you should consider the card as the archetype of generosity and selfless love. Thanks to the Star, a gentle, diffuse light will unfold in the seeker's life. As an ethereal being, the seeker is now able to accept the affection they merit, without taking advantage of the weaknesses of others. They will also learn how to give to their loved ones in a way that is completely disinterested, full of tenderness and humanity.

    This deeply empathetic behavior often results from the seeker's raised self-awareness. The trials of life have taught them how empty some situations are and they now know what - and who - really matters to them. After having weathered several storms and fought against powerful currents, it is no longer the time to dwell on things that are futile. What's important now is constructing stronger foundations.

    This fundamental awareness is also explained by their deep seated acceptance of life's rules, both its unfairness and its wonderful surprises. The same logic unfolds elsewhere in the psychological field. The seeker's newfound serenity is based on a better knowledge of what makes them tick, which allows them to appreciate at their true value all those qualities which they can put at the service of their loved ones.

    The Star reversed

    When drawn reversed, the Star reflects a certain form of weariness in the seeker. The obstacles facing them seem higher than they really are, negative thoughts easily spring up, and impulsiveness also dominates the picture. Some difficulties are also expected with relationships, resulting mainly from inappropriate communication and somewhat rigid behavior, which some people will not hesitate to call narrow! To return to a more positive direction, you'll need to look your truths in the eye and question even your most established certainties. This is what The Tower teaches. It will also be essential to become aware of your intrinsic qualities and accept your faults for what they really are. Self-acceptance is the first step to take if you want to take full advantage of what life has to offer.

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