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Judgment tarot card meaning


    awareness, rebirth, new beginning, inspiration, lucidity,


    theory, stagnation, delays, blocking, failure,

Judgment, the 20th major arcana in the Tarot, is one of those cards that is particularly difficult to analyze individually, its message being likely to change according to the other cards in the draw.

The card features an angel in the sky who is using a trumpet to communicate with 3 terrestrial beings. Which, of course, immediately brings to mind the image of the angel of the Last Judgment. This transmission of the celestial word is about the emergence of a new cycle or, more colorfully, about leaving the tomb to experience spiritual resurrection. The choice of the instrument is not accidental: the trumpet is particularly loud, so it's difficult to ignore its message!

All 3 of the terrestrial beings seem receptive to the angel's communication. And for this reason they are represented totally naked, a sign of their purity and their desire for rebirth. Their blue hair is further confirmation of their openness to this divine message.

You should also note the swirls of cloud surrounding the angel, which reflect how suddenly it appeared and how completely unexpected it was. The red and yellow rays surrounding the angel refer to its spirituality and dynamism. Buoyed by the wind, the flag symbolizes the spirit. It is also an emblem of belonging and a rallying point.

After sound judgment, the rarest things in the world are diamonds and pearls.


  • short-term

    In the short term, Judgment shows your need to change direction. You will need to become aware of the imperfect nature of your current situation and define new priorities. Some self-examination will ensure that they are consistent with the value system in which you would like to continue to develop.

  • long-term

    In the long term, Judgment invites you to take a step back and teaches you to appreciate the benefits of the unexpected. Upheavals are inevitably part of your life path. It is therefore a question of not being afraid of them and of being active when you are faced with them. Instead of simply suffering through them, why not take advantage of them?

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    Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

    Judgment upright

    In the traditional analysis, when Judgment is drawn upright it is most often associated with the idea of change and upheaval, but in a much gentler and more peaceful way than the transformations induced by The Devil, for example. In fact, you should look at this card as a great tool for helping you to question things. With this card, there's no longer any question of just letting things be and wallowing in a daily life that is definitely reassuring but also completely predictable. Instead, Judgment encourages you to take time to think deeply and look at your situation as it really is. This internal examination is beneficial in the short term as well as in the long term. It will enable the seeker to get a better understanding of how they think, to spotlight the values they want to uphold, and to set new goals, perhaps more in keeping with their current vision of life.

    More concretely, Judgment promotes decision-making and reminds you of the necessity of changing course when the need arises. The frantic pace imposed by society often forces people to lock themselves into a predefined life pattern. So, it will be necessary to ask the right questions and to determine if your life pattern is really meaningful today. If this is not the case, you will need to take note and accept change.

    Judgment reversed

    When Judgment is drawn upside down, the card indicates some form of stubbornness on the part of the seeker, which may prove to be particularly harmful if no awareness of it follows. Fortunately, there are solutions so that such a situation doesn't last too long.

    From a general point of view, Judgment reversed manifests a deep fear of change, often inherent to the seeker's difficulties with self-examination. The seeker then often suffers in silence, without being able to determine the causes of their problem. So it will be essential to take the time they need to understand these difficulties. The blockage may come from past wounds that haven't healed properly, values that no longer hold true or an almost panic-stricken fear of failure. In any case, remember that self-examination is often the first step towards well-being.

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