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Ten of Swords tarot card meaning


    ending, betrayal, failure, pain, renewal,


    transformation, mutation, hindsight, analysis, regeneration,

Are you interested in the world of cartomancy and looking for reliable information about the influence that the Ten of Swords can have on your life? On this page you will find all the information you need.

Before looking more closely at the card's symbolism, you need to understand that the Tens are always associated with the idea of the end of a cycle. Which means, of course, that rebirth is never far away!

Visually the Ten of Swords depicts an oval crossed by two intersecting swords. The oval is a symbolic representation of the spirit, while the blades represent intellectual labor and the world of ideas. Note that here, unlike the other cards of the sign, the swords' pommels are outside the oval. This shows that the fruits of your intellectual labor are no longer contained, they are externalized and open to the world. This arrangement makes sense. It translates the end of a long hibernation and the beginning of new adventures. This is also the ambivalence of the Ten of Swords' message: if the card shows the opening of new perspectives, it also testifies to the end of a cycle, with all the sadness and difficulty that naturally accompanies this.

We often go to great lengths to be betrayed, and we succeed.


  • short-term

    In the short term, the Ten of Swords indicates a particularly painful time when you will probably feel betrayed or abandoned. The end of a cycle is beginning, with all the difficulty and the sadness that this always bring with it. The important thing for you is not to be too heavily influenced by negative emotions.

  • long-term

    In the long run, the Ten of Swords has a very favorable message for your personal development. It makes you aware of the cyclical nature of life, it teaches you the virtues of taking a step back and learning from past failures. Once the storm is over, your view of the world will be changed. It will open new perspectives. The adventure continues!

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    Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

    Ten of Swords upright

    In its most common reading, the Ten of Swords is associated with the idea of a brutal ending, in either the professional or the romantic sphere. The seeker takes it very hard because it occurred without warning, in a totally unexpected way. Like a stab in the back, the end of this cycle leaves the seeker in complete disarray. So, they will be sorely tempted to be overwhelmed by anger or to sink into sadness.

    Despite appearances, the Ten of Swords actually conveys a deeply positive message. You need to create some distance between you and the difficult events you are currently experiencing. The card encourages you to learn from your failures and urges you to quickly resume your forward march. As painful as they may seem at first glance, upheavals give you the chance to look at things from another point of view. They offer you the opportunity to grow and evolve.

    With the Ten of Swords, hope is never far away. Cycles are your destiny. You should welcome this turbulent situation with open arms. Once you've weathered these terrible storms, you can set off again down your life path with a firm and decided step!

    Ten of Swords reversed

    When it appears upside down in a divinatory tarot draw, the Ten of Swords speaks above all of regeneration, a life-saving possibility of change or renewal. This card is usually associated with the idea of mental transformation, which will spread its calm into the seeker's spirit.

    A human being's life is always full of difficulties. Rather than acting the victim or drowning in negative emotions, wouldn't it be better to try to learn from your failures? Being able to take a step back is an undeniable asset for anyone who wants to change or progress. It makes it possible to understand, as objectively as possible, the reasons why the cycle ended. It gives hope when everything around you seems cloaked in fog. It helps you to shape a world in your image and gives you the opportunity to discover new points of view.

    Despite the pain inherent in any brutal end, this development is essential. It will allow you to look more serenely at your future.

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